From $99.90: The Best Gaming Chairs You Need In Singapore

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Find yourself with a strained back and neck after your usual gaming session? That’s because you’re not treating your back with the care it deserves. Instead of suffering in silence, why not invest in the best gaming chairs in Singapore! Gaming chair brands today have surged in popularity because of their refined ergonomics and comfortable add-ons. Need recommendations on what to look out for? Here’s how the best gaming chairs have carved a niche for themselves and differentiated themselves from their office chair counterparts!

How are gaming chairs different from office chairs?


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While office chairs are built to blend into their environments with subdued hues and discrete form, gaming chair designs are the complete opposite. From first impressions, gaming chairs are immediately recognisable thanks to their aggressive curves and eye-catching colours! Built to stand out, the best gaming chairs draw inspiration from race car seats and are designed with winged shoulder supports and tall backrests.


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Although both gaming and office chairs provide excellent lumbar support, the best gaming chairs go one step further by focusing on the upper back and neck region. Thanks to tall backrests and adjustable neck pillows, gaming chairs edge out in the comfort aspect. The end result is a significantly better posture and less neck and shoulder fatigue.

Bonus features

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The best gaming chairs come with their fair share of surprises too! Have you ever scrunched your shoulders because your chair’s armrests are too high? With multi-directional armrests, you can freely tweak them  to a comfortable height. If you’re feeling tired from sitting for long hours, look out for reclining backrests that let you kick back and relax.

Now that you know the difference between gaming and office chairs, here are some of our favourite premium and cheap gaming chairs in Singapore you certainly won’t want to miss out on! 

Best gaming chair in Singapore for maximum comfort

1. Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM

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(Credit: OSIM Singapore Official Store)

The Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM (available on OSIM Singapore Official Store) is the brainchild of Acer and OSIM and is one of the best gaming chairs due to its staggering number of features. The Predator gaming chair features an adjustable headrest and removable lumbar cushion for the best posture support. Its built-in speakers will also lend a booming surround sound experience to go in cadence with your games.

If these pro-comfort features weren’t enough, then the V-Hand massage features will definitely win you over! By using dynamic massage features, you can relieve your stiff and tired shoulders and joints from the comfort of the Predator gaming chair. From loosening your shoulders to decompressing your lumbar, select from press-grip, tapping and rolling massage options with just the click of a button!

Best gaming chair in Singapore for durability

2. Sades Sirius Professional Gaming Chair

sades gaming chair best gaming chairs singapore
(Credit: SADES Singapore Official Store)

Sades’ professional gaming chairs that are designed to stand the test of time! By using TÜV certified faux leather, you’ll never need to fret about peeling or durability issues again. On the comfort aspect, the Sades Sirius (available on SADES Singapore Official Store) checks all the boxes for being the best gaming chair in Singapore by including 4D armrests, lumbar cushion, headrest and the ability to recline to near-horizontal levels!

Is  your gaming chair causing accidental scratch marks on your floor? The Sades Sirius combats this by  using a unique rolling mechanism for maximum mobility and minimal noise! To complement these castor wheels, the Sades Sirius also boasts a premium aluminium base that evenly distributes up to 160kg so your floor scratching fears are eased.

Best gaming chair in Singapore for minimalist setups

3. AKRacing Opal

akracing opal best gaming chairs singapore
(Credit: MatrixCyberStore)

If you’re on the lookout for the best gaming chairs with a minimalist aesthetic, look no further than the AKRacing Opal gaming chair (available on MatrixCyberStore)! While some of the best gaming chairs focus on flamboyant colour schemes and extravagant features, AKRacing keeps their Opal gaming chair simple and classy. This is immediately noticeable from its plain black winged backrest and castor wheels that don’t feature the usual coloured trims. Besides looking great, AKRacing’s Opal gaming chair also feels great thanks to its cold-moulded foam full 180-degree reclining tilt!

Best gaming chair in Singapore for budget setups

4. JIJI.SG Pegasi Gaming Chair

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(Credit: JIJI.SG Official Store)

It’s certainly rare to discover cheap gaming chairs in Singapore that don’t  compromise on essential features! Fortunately, the Pegasi gaming chair (available on JIJI.SG Official Store) accomplishes this with a combination of smart design choices. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the Pegasi gaming chair lacks multi-directional armrests and embroidered logos! By doing away with features that aren’t core to providing extra comfort, JIJI minimises material costs while prioritising essentials like lumbar and neck support. 

For gamers looking to really kick back and relax, take advantage of its 135-degree reclining system! They’ve even included an additional leg rest that allows you to prop your feet up for a well-deserved break after periods of intense gaming.

Best gaming chair in Singapore for PVC leather fans

5. VHIVE Winner

vhive winner best gaming chairs singapore
(Credit: V.HIVE Official Store)

As one of the few cheap gaming chairs in Singapore to not use PU leather, the VHIVE Winner (available on V.HIVE Official Store) beats the competition thanks to its highly durable body material. As PVC leather uses extra layers compared to PU leather, the VHIVE Winner is more resistant to sweat and humidity! This ultimately allows the VHIVE Winner to outlast a typical gaming chair as it doesn’t peel or crack over time. Regularly have meals at your desk? You’ll appreciate how the VHIVE Winner makes post-meal cleanups a breeze thanks to it being resistant to stains and spillage!

The best gaming chairs in Singapore promise both comfort and style

From premium massage gaming chairs to good and cheap gaming chairs in Singapore, we have you covered with gaming chairs for every budget! Didn’t find your favourite gaming chair brand here? Check back with us for the latest gaming chairs.

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