Here’s What You’re Missing Out By Not Trying These Best Mechanical Keyboards

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Love the clicky feel of typing on a mechanical keyboard? You’re certainly not alone! While membrane keyboards have dominated the scene with their affordable pricing and lightweight portability, mechanical keyboards have recently made a meteoric comeback! Thanks to their gorgeous aesthetics and sheer customisability, the best mechanical keyboards have garnered support from gamers and creatives alike. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Scroll on as we cover the best premium and budget mechanical keyboards in Singapore to grace the market.

Best mechanical keyboards in Singapore

1. Razer Huntsman Mini — For space conscious setups

razer huntsman mini best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Razer Official Store)

They just take up too much space! If you’re tired of the best mechanical keyboards occupying too much tabletop real estate, why not give 60% keyboards a try? By ditching the number pad, F-keys and directional arrows, 60% keyboards strip away the excess and grant the purest typing experience possible with its alphanumeric setup. Of the bunch, we recommend Razer’s Huntsman Mini Mercury Edition (available on Razer Official Store)!

As far as Razer mechanical keyboards are concerned, the Huntsman Mini is their finest creation yet! Razer has spared no expense in ensuring a premium typing experience thanks to its high-end aluminium top plate and durable doubleshot PBT keycaps. With these, you’ll never need to fret about fingerprint stains or easily worn out keys. Additionally, Razer has also included its Linear Optical switches. These advanced mechanical switches do away with traditional moving parts and instead rely on light beams to send keystroke signals. The end result is a quieter and swifter typing experience that’ll please ardent keyboard users! 

2. Armaggeddon MKA-3C — For budget gaming rigs

armaggeddon mka-3c best mechanical keyboards
(Credit: Armaggeddon Official Store)

New to the world of the best mechanical keyboards in Singapore and are unsure of whether you’ll like them? We recommend Armaggeddon’s MKA-3C (available on Armaggeddon Official Store) as one of the best budget mechanical keyboards to try out! Don’t let its wallet-friendly pricing fool you — this Armaggeddon mechanical keyboard is as durable as they come. This is due to concave Kevlartech keycaps and 50 million cycle mechanical switches!

The MKA-2C relies on Oetumu’s modular switches to give it that satisfying typing click sound. Unhappy with its actuation and feel? Simply swap them out! Armaggeddon offers the tools needed to change individual switches so you can freely alternate between blue, red, brown or black Otemu switches to find out which fits your fancy.

3. Keychron K6 — For minimalist typing goodness

keychron k6 best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Aftermarket)

On the lookout for the best budget mechanical keyboards that do away with the edgy gaming aesthetic? Make sure to give Keychron’s K6 (available on Aftermarket) a shot! While Keychron mechanical keyboards first started out as Kickstarter darlings, the K6 has garnered tremendous recent support thanks to its dedication to delivering an elegant and convenient typing experience. Its monochrome keycaps complements the stripped down design of the K6, allowing users to minimise space occupied and maximise productivity.

It’s not often that you find a wireless mechanical keyboard in Singapore that supports both Windows and Mac! With its dedicated options and command keys alongside the ability to connect up to three devices, the K6 excel in multi-device usage thanks to this versatility.

4. Logitech G915 TKL — For convenient wireless typing

logitech g915 tkl best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Logitech G Official Store)

TKL keyboards represent that sweet spot between 60% keyboards and full-scaled ones! By removing the number pad, users are left with a lighter and more ergonomic keyboard that’s perfect for any keyboard usage on-the-go. With the Logitech G915 TKL (available on Logitech G Official Store), you’ll enjoy the best of the original G915 in a space-saving ten keyless package! Expect nothing short of premium materials, a long-lasting 4000mAh battery and fancy design touches as the G915 TKL is crafted for ultra portability without compromising on overall performance.

To stand out from the best mechanical keyboards in Singapore, this Logitech mechanical keyboard features the company’s iconic Lightspeed wireless technology! With lightning-quick 1ms response time, it’s the technology that Esports players use for minimal input delay. Also, the G915 TKL shows off its new low-profile switch technology that possesses all of the responsiveness and tactile accuracy of a traditional mechanical keyboard, at half the usual height. Choose from Clicky, Linear and Tactile variations as each switch type caters to your specific typing needs!

5. Corsair K100 RGB — For hyper responsive keystrokes

corsair k100 rgb best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Corsair Official Store)

As the successor to the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, the Corsair K100 RGB (available on Corsair Official Store) certainly has huge shoes to fill. Fortunately, the K100 RGB knocks it out of the park with its refinements that make it the most feature packed mechanical keyboard to date. Like the aforementioned Huntsman Mini, this Corsair mechanical keyboard packs optical mechanical switches that offer lighter and faster actuations! In addition to this, the K100 RGB fully takes advantage of its size by providing a full set of programmable keys for macro inputs and dedicated media buttons and scroll wheels for easy control.

Want to futureproof your rig with the best that keyboard technology has to offer? As keyboards and mice tend to have milliseconds in input delay, Corsair keeps this to a minimum with the K100 RGB’s 4000 Hz polling rate. By keeping the delay to a quarter of a millisecond, each gaming session with this best mechanical keyboard guarantees that you’ll be at the top of your game.

6. Seenda Punk Machinery Keyboard — For steampunk inspired layouts

seenda punk machinery keyboard best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Seenda Official Store)

Although most of the best mechanical keyboards in Singapore focus on delivering peak gaming performance with its gamer aesthetic, we won’t blame you if you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill RGB lighting and flat looking keycaps. To break this trend, why not try the Seenda Punk Machinery keyboard (available on Seenda Official Store)! With its nod to industrial era tech, this steampunk inspired accessory features rounded keycaps that help differentiate it from your standard fare of mechanical keyboards in Singapore. It also adopts a floating key design so each keycap is elevated above the top surface of the keyboard’s case. This makes maintaining and cleaning this Seenda mechanical keyboard a breeze!

7. Black Shark One-Hand Gaming Keyboard — For hardcore mobile gaming

black shark one hand gaming keyboard best mechanical keyboards singapore
(Credit: Black Shark Official Store)

Who says the best mechanical keyboards in Singapore can’t include one hand gaming keyboards? Thanks to the Black Shark One-Hand gaming keyboard (available on Black Shark Official Store), mobile users can also get in on that sweet mechanical keyboard action! With support for iOS and Android devices, this best budget mechanical keyboard is perfect if you love mobile gaming. From boasting a 30 hour battery life to letting you fully personalise your mobile gaming session with its 35-key setup, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better mechanical keyboard that’s tailored towards mobile gaming.

8. Tecware Phantom 87 — For easy maintenance and cleaning

tecware phantom 87 best mechanical keyboards
(Credit: Tecware Singapore)

Tired of dirt getting trapped in your mechanical keyboard? Why not give Tecware’s Phantom 87 (available on Tecware Singapore) a chance! By adopting a floating key design, this Tecware keyboard has elevated keycaps above the case. This ultimately makes maintaining and cleaning easy for this best mechanical keyboard.

Dig Tecware’s overall feel but not a huge fan of the floating key design? Get the best of both worlds by snapping on the Tecware Phantom Shroud (available on Tecware Singapore)! This gives your mechanical keyboard a low profile aesthetic that eases up on the aggressive flashing RGB lights and exposed keycaps.

Jumping on the mechanical keyboard bandwagon with these popular brands

From Corsair to Razer mechanical keyboards, we hope you’ve found the best mechanical keyboards to suit your daily usage! Didn’t find your favourite model here? Hop on over to our catalogue of gaming keyboards! To complete your gaming layout, check out our recommendations for the best gaming monitors and best gaming mice so you can improve your overall gaming performance.